Posted by: gypsytales | January 21, 2009

Car Guard Humour



Car guards are very much a part of one’s everyday outdoor experience in South Africa. 


Wherever you find a public parking area, you most certainly will find someone trying to make a quick buck by offering to keep an eye on your vehicle – whether you’re shopping, visiting with friends, taking the dog for a walk, going to gym or eating out. 


The car guard is a menace you can’t escape.  Let’s be realistic, in the event that he is approached by an armed gangster, determined to steal or damage a vehicle, what can an unarmed car guard, wearing only a sunhat and a reflector vest, really accomplish? 


Nonetheless, returning to my car earlier today, I was approached by the centre car guard who confidently assured me that during my absence, he was looking after my vehicle and delightfully informed me that my car was “still standing with 4 wheels, no scratches, no broken windows, no flat tyres and it was 110% safe”


In light of the car guard’s statement above, and the statistics below, car theft is big business.


  • Just over 80,000 vehicles were stolen in South African between April and March 2007/2008, just under 40,000 were in Gauteng alone – making up approximately 50% of all vehicle thefts in SA



  • 111,661 reported thefts out of motor vehicles occurred in South Africa between April and March 2007/2008


Statistics produced by: Crime Information Management – South African Police Service 








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