Posted by: gypsytales | January 18, 2009



By L. M. Montgomery


Anne of Green Gables is the delightful story of an orphan girl who went to live with a farming brother and sister.  Set on Prince Edward Island, Canada, Lucy Maude Montgomery drew her inspiration for this work from an idea she jotted down when she was much younger.   


Originally written for children, I must confess I found this to be both an amusing and refreshing read.  Anne’s highly energetic, curious and talkative character kept you eager for more.  Her vivid imagination creates a fantasy of adventure which inevitably leads to many a mischievous debacle.


Times might have changed, but children still face the same challenges in the early growing up years.  Sadly, many of our teenagers today would probably find this book prudish and irrelevant.  But I think there is still so much to be learnt from a book like this, particularly around issues of values, morals and ethics – something that is sorely missing in our modern society.


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