Posted by: gypsytales | January 4, 2009



The Travels of an Independent Woman

By Alice Steinbach


Faced with the decision to either observe life or experience life, Alice Steinbach, “decided to take a chance and temporarily jump ship, so to speak, from the life she’d fashioned for herself”.


Her journey took her to Paris, London, Oxford and Italy.  The events that transpired from impromptu meetings with locals and tourists provided intrigue and wonderment.  The magnificence of the historical value of the places she visited came through with fresh appeal.  All her experiences came alive with pertinent references to the classics and literature.


As her travels lengthened so did her inward reflection.  This book is a graceful confession.  The author writes without reticence about nostalgic, childhood memories.   The blending of the past and present flowed like a comfortable conversation.  It was an open, uncomplicated read that came to an end all too soon.


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