Posted by: gypsytales | December 26, 2008

Behind Bangkok’s Tourist Facades

Behind Bangkok’s Tourist Facades


The foreign sounds and smells wrapped around us, allowing the kaleidoscope of the Thai food market to assault our senses.  Gingerly we navigated our way between the maze of grubby tables.  Splat! Down came the executioner’s blade splitting the head and body of an unsuspecting fish.  Something wet, what was that?  Lashings of fresh blood were soaking thirstily into my cotton socks.  Buckled, metal bowls balanced precariously on top of rusty scales.  Eels lay serpentine in puddles of oily liquid.  A network of purple, varicose veins hung loosely from a recently gutted chicken.  Amphibious creatures fizzed frantically exposing their soft, throbbing membranes. 

chicken feet

chicken feet



chopping fish

chopping fish


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